Niche And Grow Rich
by: André Anthony

Unless you've been living under an Internet rock, you've probably heard the buzz about Niche Marketing. Right now it's the hottest marketing topic online.

Is it a new concept?

Marketing Tips- Who Are You Competing With?
by: Sue and Chuck DeFiore

Before you can market, you need to know who you are marketing to. Who is your customer? How will you market? Will you cold call, mail, set appointments or employ a walk in approach? Be careful with the walk in approach as many businesses do not permit soliciting. You might just want to drop off information and follow up with a telephone call.

In order to determine who your market is look at your business plan. How did you define your average customer? What was your estimate of total market size? What territory did you intend to service? You might want to make a table for the following: Product/Service - list your product(s) or service(s). If you offer a variety of models or types, list them separately. This will more clearly define your market. The more specific the answers to these questions, the easier it will be to determine a marketing plan. What marketing techniques did you delineate in your business plan? Are you using them, and if so, how effectively?

Membership Marketing – it’s More than Magazines
by: Shira Linden

More Than An Ebook
by: Andy Walsh

The following in an excerpt from the E-Book of the same name.

Utilising the Full Resources of the Internet to Promote your Fiction

Send Postcards To Save Money and Cut Through E-mail Clutter
by: Roger C. Parker

Use your computer to send personalized color postcards in quantities of 1 to 1,000.

Print on demand postcards are here. You can quickly, easily, and economically use your computer to prepare and address color postcards that will arrive in your prospect’s morning mail!