How to Keep Up With Catalogs
by: Karen Nodalo

Catalogs have been continuously advancing and designs are getting outrageous. Good catalogs should look enticing and pleasing in order to sell out. In order to come up with the greatest designs for your catalog should follow some simple rules. Following certain rules will help make your catalog look outrageous and perfect.

First is by placing a strong design that will be prominent and noticeable to the customers. Of course the first glance would be at the first page of the catalog, so in order for it to stand out; keep a strong product that will have the reader’s attention. Be reminded that first impressions last so it important to keep up with the design to make it most attractive.

Tooting Your Own Horn
by: C.J. Hayden

"If he who has a thing to sell Goes and whispers in a well, He won't be so apt to make the dollars As he who climbs a tree and hollers!" -- Anonymous

Every day in your business, something happens that others should know about. You give exceptional service to a client; you reach out to a new type of customer; you demonstrate your expertise on an important topic. Yet most of the time, the only people aware of these significant events are the individual you are speaking with and you.

Leveling the Search Engine Marketing Playing Field
by: Mark Keller

How is it that the largest auction site in the world can have listings on the search engines that are literally feeding it dynamic content from the site when what shows up when you click on the link is the site's home page?

That and a few other techniques of the trade will be discussed in this article. So if you are interested in taking your SEO or SEM for that matter, to the highest level possible join me for, "Leveling the SEM Playing Field."

QVC Infomercial: Star in a Famous Person's Infomercial
by: Susan Harrow

Not many people are qualified to have their own infomercial. You have to be a great mediagenic salesperson, have a product with large profit margins that appeals to millions, and fits into a category that is already a known, successful seller.

But you can star in an infomercial of someone already established. Being a part of a profitable infomercial can bring you opportunities you never even imagined. This is the story of Donna Richards who was chosen out of 160 hand-picked people to get the part to help promote Tony Robbins' *Get the Edge*, one of his popular core programs.

How PPC Advertising Works
by: Christoher Enders

PPC advertising is simply advertising your website through the use of the pay-per-click search engines. To grasp an understanding of ppc advertising, you need to understand what a pay-per-click search engine is if you don't know already. A pay-per-click search engine is basically a search engine that takes the guesswork out of getting top-ranking in a search engine and in effect, enables you to buy your rank so to speak.

When using a ppc search engine you bid on keywords or keyword phrases that your targeted prospects may use to find whatever your website offers. When you outbid competitors that have bid on the same keyword or keyword phrase, your website will be ranked over theirs. Because you "pay-per-click", you only get charged your bid amount for actual visits to your site that result from your ppc advertising rather than being charged a flat fee for placing an ad.